Is your criminal record keeping you from finding an apartment in Winnipeg? Criminal Pardon US Waivers Record Suspensions Winnipeg offer you the opportunity to apartment hunt with a clean slate. Landlords and property managers have to be careful about whom they permit to rent their houses and apartments. They have legitimate concerns about what tenants can do to their property, so they often conduct background checks on prospective tenants. To avoid problems, several implement policies in which they don’t let to people with marks on their record. Others may require higher deposits. This can make finding decent housing difficult. Fortunately, criminal pardons and record suspensions are available to many criminals in Winnipeg. To be sure, there are certain cases in which criminal pardons and record suspensions are not available. In far more cases than most people believe, though, these options can offer people a second chance. If this is a real possibility that can help you not only with finding places to live but also gaining access to more employment and educational opportunities, wouldn’t you like to find out whether you’re eligible? The best way to do that is by calling or e-mailing us with some details of your case. We don’t need the whole story, just some background information about the conviction date, nature of the crime, and where you stand in terms of your sentence. Based on that information, we’ll be able to tell you whether criminal pardons or record suspensions could be options for you. Beyond that, though, we’ll explain our services so that you fully understand the value that comes from working with us through what is typically a complicated and time consuming process. We’ve had countless success stories of helping people in Winnipeg get back in control of their lives. If you’d like to be the next one, get in touch with us today. View Larger Map