Vaughan ON

Criminal records can make life tough in Vaughan, ON. Criminal Pardon US Waivers Record Suspensions Vaughan ON can make it a lot easier. Having a criminal record can take a major toll on several aspects of your life. One of our most basic needs – housing – can be difficult to find for those with criminal pasts. Those who have homes and apartments for rent often conduct criminal background checks and deny the applications of anyone who has a record. In other cases, those with records may find themselves having to put down much larger deposits than people who have clean background checks. Employment can be another major hassle when you have a record. Look through the wanted ads and you’ll find no shortage of employers who require background checks during the hiring process. Perhaps worst of all, you don’t even know whether the particular mark on your record will keep you from getting the job, so you could easily either be wasting time applying at all or passing up real opportunities. Even if you do have a job, you could find yourself dreading the prospect of a promotion, which could carry a record check with it. Imagine getting fired instead of promoted because of what the company finds. Of course, residents of Vaughan, ON may have an even more personal reason for seeking criminal pardons and record suspensions. Divorce attorneys frequently use a partner’s criminal past as evidence in custody cases. Your criminal background could mean that you don’t get custody – or even visitation rights. If you live in Vaughan, ON and are interested in obtaining criminal pardons or record suspensions, call or e-mail us today with some background information on your case. We’ll let you know whether you’re eligible for these opportunities as well as how we can help. It’s time to get beyond your past. It’s time to call us. View Larger Map