Montreal QC

It’s not easy to live with a criminal pardon us waivers record suspensions Montreal QC, but criminal pardons and record suspensions can help you get on with your life. They can open doors that are currently closed in several aspects of your life. Whether you have an immediate need to dispose of your record or you’re just trying to prepare for eventualities, we can help. The process of obtaining criminal pardons and record suspensions can be complicated. Many of those who come to us do so having already tried and failed to obtain them on their own. In many cases, they had all but given up hope, just calling us as a last resort. Although we can’t help everybody, many of our customers are surprised to find that we are able to get results for them. There are several benefits for people in Montreal QC who successfully obtain criminal pardons and record suspensions. The most important benefit for most of our clients is that they can once again apply for jobs without having to worry about whether the employer will conduct a criminal background check. Our customers also enjoy new freedom when it comes to finding housing. Many landlords and property managers conduct routine background checks on applicants for housing and reject out of hand anyone with a mark on their record. Those who still manage to obtain housing typically find themselves having to pay a substantially higher deposit on account of their past. If you’re living in Montreal QC and have a criminal record, you don’t have to live like that. Call or e-mail us today to find out whether you qualify for criminal pardons or record suspensions. We’ll ask you some basic information about your conviction and let you know whether you’re eligible for our services. Why go another day letting your past dictate your future?
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