Hamilton, ON

Life with a criminal background isn’t easy in Hamilton, ON. Criminal pardon us waivers record suspensions hamilton on can make it a lot easier. Whether you’re looking to open up job opportunities that are currently closed to you, pursue educational opportunities, travel abroad, access better child care, or protect your parental rights in a divorce case, our services can make a huge difference. Unfortunately, many people in Hamilton, ON attempt to pursue criminal pardons and record suspensions on their own. While there are people who are successful in doing so, many people who are eligible for them fail in their efforts due to the red tape associated with the process. Simple mistakes on your applications can be the difference between successfully putting your past behind you and having it follow you indefinitely. Criminal records can haunt you in many ways. Employers often require criminal background checks during their hiring process. A mark on your record is often enough to cost you the opportunity. Even if you do get the chance to explain yourself, do you really want to start your relationship with your employer by discussing one of the most embarrassing incidences in your life? Obtaining decent housing is another issue for those with convictions in their past. Many landlords conduct background checks. No matter how minor your crime, if they have a policy against taking tenants who have background checks, you won’t be eligible to get the apartment. Issues involving children can also arise for people with criminal records. If you find yourself in a custody battle, a mistake in your past could end your relationship with your children. A judge could award the other parent custody and perhaps not even permit visitation. Don’t let that happen! If you live in Hamilton, ON, call us today to see whether we can help you put your past behind you.
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