Burnaby, ON

For people living with criminal records in Burnaby, ON, criminal pardons and record suspensions restore opportunities to those who thought they were gone. From education to housing and travel to custody in divorce cases, sealing your record or getting it expunged can change your life entirely. No longer will you have to worry about the mistakes of your past following you for the rest of your life. While criminal pardons and record suspensions are available in far more cases than most people in Burnaby, ON think, the process of obtaining them does make it all but prohibitive for those who don’t know what they’re doing. The paperwork can be complicated, and many people who are eligible for these things are unable to obtain them on their own because they make mistakes along the way. Unfortunately, many people give up along the way, resigning themselves to living with their past mistakes for good. Others, however, come to us after all but giving up on obtaining their Criminal Pardon US Waivers Record Suspensions Burnaby ON. We are often able to help them through the process, handling all of the paperwork that could otherwise stop them from getting the results they want. This opens countless doors for them, including admissions to educational institutions, job opportunities, housing options, travel experiences, and even helps them to retain custody and/or visitation rights during their divorce proceedings. If live in Burnaby, ON and you’ve tried to obtain criminal pardons or record suspensions in the past and failed, or if you’re just about to try for the first time, call us today to discuss your case. We’ll ask you for the information we need to determine whether you’re eligible and explain how we can help you with the process. Then you can make a decision about whether working with us is the right decision for you.
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