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Criminal Record May Prevent You From Traveling into the US

Did you know that your Canadian criminal record could prevent you from traveling to other countries, including the United States? It's true! If you've been convicted of a crime in Canada, you may be refused entry into the U.S. You could also be refused a visa and other travel documents that are required to enter the nation. The U.S. and many other nations require you to make an honest declaration of any and all criminal convictions upon attempting to enter the foreign country. According to the United States Embassy, “Attempting to gain entry without declaring that you have been arrested could result in a permanent ineligibility and/or detention...” Notably, it doesn't matter when you were convicted; you must still declare the criminal conviction when attempting to enter another country such as the U.S. You may also experience troubles while attempting to stop off in Criminal Record May Prevent You From Traveling into the US. Airports en route to another destination. The U.S. isn't alone in this policy; virtually all other countries maintain the same policy. It is important to note that not all criminal convictions will prevent you from traveling into a foreign nation. Those who are ineligible to enter the U.S. can opt to file a ineligibility waiver. To allow for easier travel outside of Canada, Canadian citizens can also apply for a pardon, which essentially seals and/or expunges your criminal record. PardonsForCriminals.ca offers this form of assistance, so those convicted of a crime may travel with greater ease. With our help, you could be issued a pardon in as little as eight months.

What’s the Difference Between a Record Suspension and a Pardon?

At Pardon & Waiver Experts, we often hear the question, What's the Difference Between a Record Suspension and a Pardon? There are some significant differences between these two options, both of which are available to convicted criminals in Canada. A record suspension entails the sealing of your criminal record. When your record is sealed, it is no longer accessible to those who run a criminal background check, making it easier for you to get a job, rent an apartment or apply to a university. Canadian criminal record suspension requests are issued via the Parole Board of Canada. With a record suspension, your criminal record still exists, but it's sealed and inaccessible. The exception is legal authorities and government agencies, which can still access your record. In the case of a pardon, your Canadian criminal record is completely erased. This means that you'll come up clear on a criminal background check and a check conducted by government agencies. It is, quite literally, a pardon whereby your criminal conviction is “forgiven,” so to speak. Since pardons entail the elimination of your record, they are a bit more difficult to obtain – unless you have an experienced team of pros working hard on your side! If you need to apply for a record suspension or pardon, Pardon & Waiver Experts can assist! We can walk you through the process of applying for a pardon, which may be obtained in as little as eight months.

How Can a Criminal Record Impact Your Life?

At Pardon & Waiver Experts, we deal with lots of clients who are facing negative consequences as a result of their Canadian How Can a Criminal Record Impact Your Life? Many erroneously believe that when you convicted of a crime, you simply serve your sentence and then move on with your life. It's not quite that simple, as a criminal record can haunt you for a lifetime, especially in the case of more serious crimes. So how does a criminal record affect your life? Consider some of the following points:
  • A criminal record may make you ineligible for certain employment positions, especially those involving government agencies, schools/work with children, and even positions where you handle money in the case of those who are convicted of a theft.
  • You may be prevented from traveling outside of Canada, as virtually all countries require you to declare criminal convictions. They may opt to deny entry to a convicted criminal.
  • You may find it more difficult to get custody of your children in the event of a divorce or custody dispute.
  • Convicted criminals may be denied a property lease, as many landlords run background checks and do not want to rent properties to convicted criminals.
Generally, the more recent the conviction, the more problematic it can be, but in some cases such as traveling outside of Canada, a nation reserves the right to deny entry to anyone convicted of a criminal at any time, even decades ago! If you would like to apply for a record suspension or pardon of your Canadian criminal record, Pardon & Waiver Experts can assist, as we specialize in walking clients through the process. Many can obtain a pardon or suspension in as little as eight months.

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